What else is it made of?

Granny Smith's Sprout Cruiser is made of two ingredients: It's 80% Hemp and 20% bio-resin. The bio resin we use is made with tree sap! 

Is my deck water resistant?

Yes! All of our hemp skateboard decks are water resistant as well as buoyant, not including trucks, bearings, hardware and wheels.


If this board is made out of hemp can I break it open and smoke it?

No! Our industrial grade hemp is less than 2% THC. Even without the resin, smoking our hemp would result in nothing short of a headache. It would be much easier to visit one of our many states that have laws that confine with your preferred personal recreation.


Why hemp?

Hemp is one of the most sustainable and durable plants on the planet! It completes it’s entire life cycle within 5-10 months vs. a Canadian Maple tree which can take 20-30 years to fully mature.

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